I am going to lay out some Predictions that paint the forecast for 2021. Between us, the first part isn’t all that positive.

But hang with me ok?

Because, for you, the bad news can turn into good news if you know how to position your business for maximum impact. And I promise to show you at least 6 ways to absolutely dominate this next year.

So here goes…

What Does 2021 Have in Store?

2021 is going to be a challenging year for most people. …

One of my 2-year old’s favorite songs is “The Cover is Not the Book” from the new Mary Poppins movie. It’s a catchy tune (I probably have it memorized by now). The only problem is the song isn’t close to being true.

That’s because the Cover IS the Book.

Amazon controls about 70% of book sales across the globe. And your book shows up like a teeny tiny thumbnail on Amazon. So if you want to sell a lot of books and change the world, you better have a cover that attracts the masses.

So this week, we’re going to…

Ready to get back to business?

I know I am.

Listen, now that the election is over (except for all that “counting”), I have one piece of advice.

NOW is the TIME to Get in Front of Your Market (and Stay There).

Last May I predicted that the next 4 years will continue to bring unexpected changes. That’s proven 100% correct and I expect it to continue. FOR YOU that’s really good news because it means it’s a lot easier to get your market’s attention.

That’s why on this week’s Flight Brief I am going to focus on Step #1…

I know it’s been crazy this week. So I will make this short and give you 2 Recommendations, 3 Predictions, and 2 Resources.

2 Recommendations

First…and most obviously…vote.

I know that’s become super-cliche, but let me explain.

You and I both know that our leaders (on both sides) aren’t exactly stellar models of character.

Both parties brag about money and influence while doing very little to help the people who need it most.

So, if you’re frustrated with our leaders, then guess what?

It’s our fault.

That’s because in our country, our leaders are HIRED and FIRED by us. Despite your last tax return, we…

One of the biggest questions I get is what software resources I use to run my business.

I listed everything below including my go-to resources for websites, live streaming, social media and more.

I will be updating the list from time to time, so be sure to bookmark this.

Now, before we get started, some important points:

  1. You don’t need EVERYTHING on this list. Really…it’s a lot. So don’t go click and sign up for it all. What you really need are a handful of things including:
  • A good way to attract your audience. (e.g. automated social media posts)
  • A…

If you watch the news, you’re probably aware that the media is now predicting armageddon. It’s all doom and gloom. And while they’re saying goodbye to the world as we know it, you and I are both busy building a better world.*

So let me just set the record straight.
Things aren’t good.

What would happen if the media just stopped for a moment of sheer wonder that they’re broadcasting to the world via satellite.

News Anchor: “In the latest news….(break)…you know I just have to stop for a moment to thank those brilliant minds who made it possible…

You know…I really do appreciate you.

Just the fact that you’re taking the time to read this article means a lot to me.

So I am going to say thanks by dropping a content bomb.

In other words, you’re about to get my Masters Course on how to get people to say “Yes.”

It’s my definitive list full of resources on Persuasion, Copywriting, and Influence. I have personally read (devoured) every resource on this list. Many of these books or courses I have gone through several times. Most of the resources below are under $20. And as a bonus, there…

Have you ever been frustrated with the results of your business?

Have you ever just flat out given up?

Have you ever wondered why some things work for other people but they never work for you?

The strategy I am about to share is so powerful that it’s literally responsible for a whole new way of thinking about my business. It’s taken most of the pressure off and allowed me to make money with far less stress and far more peace. Gone are the days of second guessing.

The concept I am about to drop is easier to learn visually…

Ed Rush

Ed Rush is a keynote speaker, a 5-time #1 best selling author, a business strategist, and a decorated Marine F/A-18 pilot. Free Stuff at www.EdRush.com

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