How To Make A Deposit In Your “Future Bank”

Have you ever been frustrated with the results of your business?

Have you ever just flat out given up?

Have you ever wondered why some things work for other people but they never work for you?

The strategy I am about to share is so powerful that it’s literally responsible for a whole new way of thinking about my business. It’s taken most of the pressure off and allowed me to make money with far less stress and far more peace. Gone are the days of second guessing.

The concept I am about to drop is easier to learn visually, so I created a short video that explains it all. It’s less than 10 mins long and it’s WELL worth the time.

The Future Bank Principle is based on 3 fundamental assumptions:

  1. Results trail behind actions. Your actions today will have a result that will appear in the future.
  2. Therefore, your bank account status today is based on actions that have happened in the past.
  3. Therefore, your actions today directly affect your bank account in the future.

Let me illustrate this by using a consulting / events business as an example (you know…a business like mine). Let’s say your company that makes money by doing $5–10,000 consulting deals. And let’s say you get most of your leads from hosting live and virtual events.

If you decide RIGHT NOW to host an event 3 months from now, the earliest you’re going to make money is 1 month from now and it’s even more likely that you’ll be making money from that event from 3 months to a year from now.

No matter how much you believe in the law of attraction, you’re not going to make money right nowjust because you decided to do an event. The world just doesn’t react as fast as you want it to react. In other words, the world doesn’t just open up and send you money because you decided to do something. It sends you money because you DID something.

Here’s what an Event-to-Consulting timeline might look like…

Idea-to-Money Timeline

  • NOW: Decide to do an event 3 months from now. (Revenue = $0)
  • 1 Week From Now: Put up an event page on your website. (Revenue = $0)
  • 2 Weeks From Now: Start posting on social media. (Revenue = $0)
  • 1 Month From Now: Hire a team to help coordinate your event. (Revenue = Minus)
  • 1 Month From Now: 1st enrollments start coming in (Revenue = $1500)
  • 2 Months From Now: Event fills up (Revenue = $10,000)
  • 3 Months From Now: Host Event (Revenue = $20,000)
  • 3.1 Months From Now: Start having consulting deal discussions with event attendees (Revenue = $0)
  • 4 Months From Now: Close 2 Consulting Deals (Revenue = $50,000)

Each Black Dot is an action.
Each Green $ Sign is a result of the action spanning into the future.

Ok, here is the point.
It took ONE month from your first action until you got paid for the first time.
During that time, you spent an entire month (and who knows how much in expense) with no revenue coming in.

BUT, the moment you started planning the event, you DEPOSITED $81,500 in your Future Bank Account. The only way to NOT get that money is to stop, give up, or back off your marketing.

Sadly, that’s exactly what most entrepreneurs do.

They get an idea.
They get a plan.
They get going.
Then after 3 weeks and no results, they get bored and move on.

Now here is the rub: in that exact moment of defeat, money disappears from their Future Bank.

Then they move to idea #2.
Repeat until broke, frustrated, or both.

The key is to understand that Leading Actions become Trailing Results when you market your idea properly and stick to it.

Did you catch that?

The Future Bank Principle depends on 2 things:

  1. Proper Marketing
  2. Persistence

Listen, Ed, it’s so simple. If you market your product, event, or service properly and stick to it, you will make a lot of money.
It’s flat out guaranteed.

So why don’t people do it?
Well, that is the subject of another Flight Brief. Let’s just say it has to do with an inner voice combined with bad advice.

The bottom line is if you are getting good advice and you’re willing to stick your nose to the grindstone you’re going to do very, very well.

Who knows? Your Future Bank may already have Millions (or even Billions) in it. Now you just need to go get it.

Ed Rush is a keynote speaker, a 5-time #1 best selling author, a business strategist, and a decorated Marine F/A-18 pilot. Free Stuff at

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