Who’s going to win the election?

I know it’s been crazy this week. So I will make this short and give you 2 Recommendations, 3 Predictions, and 2 Resources.

2 Recommendations

First…and most obviously…vote.

I know that’s become super-cliche, but let me explain.

You and I both know that our leaders (on both sides) aren’t exactly stellar models of character.

Both parties brag about money and influence while doing very little to help the people who need it most.

So, if you’re frustrated with our leaders, then guess what?

It’s our fault.

That’s because in our country, our leaders are HIRED and FIRED by us. Despite your last tax return, we don’t work for them. They work for us.

So if you don’t like what you’re seeing, then change it.

Second, Pray.

I know that also sounds cliche.

That’s because when most people say “pray”, what they really mean is “talk about praying.”

When I say pray I mean, “Open your heart and pour out your thoughts, desires, and requests to the God of Heaven.”

There is something absolutely miraculous that happens when you pray: things change.

In times like these, it’s hard to know what to pray, so here are some ideas:

  1. Start with this: “Your Kingdom come; Your will be done.” God happens to really love you and He has some great ideas on how to run our country. When you pray “Your will be done”you’re just saying, “I don’t know what to ask, but you do. So I’ll just ask you to do your thing.”
  2. Pray for Justice. That includes things like “Justice reform” but it also means asking that every legal ballot will be counted.
  3. Pray for Peace. Bad people use violence to hide their corruption. Pray that NO MATTER WHAT happens, there will be peace.

Ok, Now for a Few Predictions…

Prediction #1: The polls will be wrong (again).* This is an easy prediction. There is a concept called “Social Desirability Bias” which pretty much explains why the polling is so faulty. This bias can (and has) extended both ways, but it does happen to favor one side this time.

Prediction #2: It all comes down to Pennsylvania. Forget FL, AZ, and NC. This race comes down to one state and one issue. It’s Eastern PA Philly vs. Western PA coal miners. Eagles vs. Steelers.**

Prediction #3: NO matter who wins, your big issue will still be a big issue 4 years from now. That’s because the political system is designed to keep you unsatisfied. How else can they get your money and your attention?

So maybe next time, we’ll have our 3rd Party ready to go?

I know I am ready for it. Are you?

First, I am doing an Election Day Special where I will explain everything I just wrote above…along with a few other things. You’re going to need a Positive Place next Tue and EdTalks LIVE is it.

Join me at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST for the show.

Second, and this is important, I am also holding an Election Day Prayer Session on Zoom Tuesday at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. This session will be your opportunity to join a group of positive people in (really) praying for our country. You’re also welcome to join and just listen.

The zoom info is below. Go ahead and invite anyone you want. Just don’t post this anywhere on social.

Zoom Link is Here. (<== you may want to bookmark this link)
Meeting ID: 851 4124 5315
Passcode: pray

Ok, vote, pray, and I’ll see you next week.



P.S. So who wins?
You and I win.

That’s who. So does the rest of America. That’s because I believe this will be the last election between a Republican and a Democrat. The 2-party system is failing before our eyes, and that, my friend, is a good thing. It may take a few more years for that to be apparent, but mark my words. It will happen.

* The “polls are wrong” statement is bound to ruffle some feathers. If that’s you, I get it. It’s uncomfortable when someone crushes that bubble. So if that bothered you, here is one thought: maybe just wait until after Tue before telling me I was wrong. I am not omniscient after all, so you never know.

** Michigan is the other state to watch. Same demographic. It’s the Detroit elite vs. the auto workers. Interestingly, the latter used to all be D voters. Not so anymore.

Ed Rush is a keynote speaker, a 5-time #1 best selling author, a business strategist, and a decorated Marine F/A-18 pilot. Free Stuff at www.EdRush.com

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